EPI Performance Seminars:

EPI’s performance seminars will provide you with the methods, systems, exercises, and tools you need to plan and execute strength & power, speed & agility and fitness & conditioning programs for your clients/athletes/teams. Discover a course and location that are right for you. Then select the course which you feel will benefit your coaching needs and your clients/athletes/teams performance levels.

Strength & Power Seminar: Learn how to enhance strength & power qualities with your athletes using new training methods, equipment and exercises.

Speed & Agility Seminar: Learn how to develop both linear and multi-directional speed for sports performance using various training techniques, drills, equipment and cues.

Fitness & Conditioning Seminar: Learn how to develop your clients/teams fitness levels for sports performance. Learn how to develop the various energy systems both in the gym and on the pitch using various techniques, drills and equipment.