Speed & Agility
Performance Seminar

Discover tools and methods you can use to develop elite speed and agility programs with your clients/athletes.

Explore EPI’s approach to building strength & power for junior and elite athletes, games based players and strength orientated clients. We will introduce our proven system through the application of complex training, velocity based training (VBT), eccentric training, bands, pyramid and cluster sets to help your players/athletes/clients play better and become stronger. You will also learn different systems for developing various strength and power qualities and how to plan your training week and blocks of training.

Seminar Duration: 1 Day

Seminar Content:

  • Systems of training for developing strength & power
  • Research based strategies for optimising use of complex training and velocity based training (VBT)
  • Programs for developing hypertrophy, strength & power
  • Programs for strength & power using complex training
  • Strength & power testing and monitoring
  • Strength & power exercise variations you can apply with your team
  • Methods for planning and building an intelligent and efficient strength and power program

This Course is Internationally Accredited:

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